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In Which Jennifer Forgets a Cardinal Rule of Parenting January 24, 2011

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It was a calm, peaceful day at Casa de James.

Jakob and Elisabeth were playing happily downstairs.

I was accomplishing things.

I folded a ginormous pile of laundry.

I vacuumed the loft.

I even took a small Facebook break.

Occasionally, I would hear a soft giggle coming from the living room.

I thought to myself, “What a blessing it is that my youngest two get along so well!”

Then I went downstairs.

And found this:

They were thorough.

This one seemed remorseful.


This one did not.

(Disclaimer:  She started out the day fully dressed with her hair in a cute ponytail.)

And I was reminded that two children playing quietly together is always a sign of trouble.


One Response to “In Which Jennifer Forgets a Cardinal Rule of Parenting”

  1. janae Says:

    That really is the cardinal rule of parenting. Sometimes I ignore the silence just because I like being productive, but I always pay for it. Then again, the clean up just might be worth it. I may begin handing out toilet paper rolls…

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