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Holi March 29, 2011

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In my many gushing posts about this glorious town in which I live, I have failed to mention one of my most favorite places:

Oh yeah.  It’s right down the road from us.  2.61 miles, to be exact.  Makes for a great morning run.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Who knew little ol’ Spanish Fork would be the proud home of a Krishna Temple?

They have some awesome festivals there, and my FAVORITE was held this past weekend.

Here are some actual pictures from last year’s event, not taken by me.  😉  I was suckered into shuttling Sarah and company to the temple so that they wouldn’t have to walk.  In hindsight, walking would have been faster.  I’m pretty sure the entire state of Utah was in attendance.

Sarah’s “after” picture: (Look fast.  This is a terrible picture of her.  She claims that her friend didn’t let her know she was taking the picture.  I think that our family’s non-photogenic curse was just rearing its ugly head.  I’m sure she’ll ask me to remove it as soon as she sees it.)

Sarah had a great time.  But now…

Our front porch is pink,

And our kitchen floor is pink,

And my bathroom floor is pink,

And my shower is pink,

And Sarah’s hair is still pink.

She isn’t the only one.  The next day at church, many, many people were sporting pink hair.

Just goes to show how cool my town is.  🙂


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