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Going Under May 10, 2011

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(Our river, during calmer times.  Notice all of the beautiful trees that are no longer there.)

I believe that I have previously mentioned (just one or two or a hundred times) that we live right next to a river.  Actually, we live across the street from the river.  Like this:  river, neighbor’s house, road, us.

I LOVE the river.  I love sneaking out all alone to walk along it’s banks when I am stressed out and just need some time to BREATHE.

I love watching children squeal with delight as they paddle along the water in their rubber rafts and inner tubes.

I totally get a kick out of watching hopeful fishermen get skunked.  Every.  Time.  Even though jars of baby fish have been known to mysteriously appear on my kitchen counter.  (Dear fishermen:  You don’t need to use a fishing pole – just use your hands.  And go after the teeny tiny ones.  Pretend they’re sardines.)

I love going on river adventures with the munchkins in which we find bugs, and snakes, and ducks, and snails, and even an occasional muskrat.

I don’t particularly love it when the muskrats try to move into my yard.

But I do enjoy telling stories about the occasional deer that run across my front yard (seriously!) and the BEAR that was patrolling the river trail during the first year that we lived here.

Normally, it’s a very tame river.

And let’s face it, in most of the country, it wouldn’t even be considered a river.

It’s really more like a creek.

But this year, thanks to Mother Nature…

it has become a bona fide, bloated, turbulent RIVER.

And we are on flood watch.

Which means that city crews are working feverishly to pull out extra trees that may fall over and dam up the river.  (No!  Not my beloved trees!)

And sandbags have replaced the bushes along the trail.

And giant river-clearing machines are blocking my running path.

And the city keeps sending out important facebook posts, such as, “Congratulations, you’re not under water yet!”  And, “You have absolutely nothing to worry about, but there is sandbagging party going on down the street, and we could desperately use your help.”  And, “Ark building blueprints will be arriving soon.”

But I have yet to receive the following post:  “For the love of Pete, get out while you still can!!!!”

And so for now, we’ll just sleep with our life jackets under our pillows, and keep our inflatable raft blown up in the living room, and give our trusty little sump pump lots of pep talks, and most of all…

We’ll enjoy the raging beauty of nature.

PS – I would like to thank my neighbor for the use of these pictures.  Even though she has no idea that I’m using them.  😉


6 Responses to “Going Under”

  1. Aunt Diann Says:

    How come you can pull pictures of the river flooding off your camera but not your vacation photos???

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