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Memorial Day May 31, 2011

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The weekend was quiet at Casa de James.   Too quiet.  Todd took the three middle children up to Logan for a family event, leaving me at home with Sarah, Daniel, and Bitsy.

Sarah was gone the entire weekend.  Work, friends, … friends, work.  Why stay home?

Daniel was gone for most of the weekend.  He did spend one afternoon pacing restlessly through the house and muttering….”So bored.  I am so bored right now.”

He also got pulled over for speeding by his girlfriend’s father, and that?  Is something that we can never let him live down.  Your help will be appreciated in this matter.  Please tease him mercilessly every time you see him.  And then ask him why he was speeding while driving his mother’s precious car.

And then there’s Bitsy.  Bitsy does not do well as an only child.  Little Miss Independence suddenly becomes very needy when she is no longer surrounded by her siblings.  She spent the entire weekend attached to me.  Literally.  Except for those few, all too rare moments when I would sneak away to use the bathroom.  She made good use of those moments.  First, she created some new artwork in our loft with a blue sharpie.  She tattooed her left leg for good measure.  Then, she stamped herself with a metallic blue ink pad.  She also stamped her favorite naked mole rat stuffed animal.  The ink came off of Bitsy.  Not so much the naked mole rat.

But these are small things.  Misdemeanors, really.  For her piece de resistance, she flooded the upstairs bathroom.  Flooded it.  Totally.  There was water pouring through our living room ceiling.  Bitsy thought this was hi.lar.i.ous!  Me?  Not so much.

We are considering loaning her out to the government’s anti-terrorist  strategy team.   She would be excellent training for them.

The rest of the munchkins returned home with Todd late Monday night.   Since I didn’t get to spend the weekend with them, we celebrated Memorial Day one day late.  Because it isn’t about picnics, or golf games (I’m looking at you, Mr. President), or shop-vacking the upstairs bathroom for hours on end.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.  There are far too many of them.  May we never forget their sacrifices on our behalf.

*This is what we were working on, but we were helping with the take down.


One Response to “Memorial Day”

  1. janae Says:

    He got pulled over by his gf’s DAD?!!! That is HILARIOUS!! Oh, I’m gonna be telling that one to my mom and sissies. Awesome.

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