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But For the Grace of God June 19, 2011

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A new family moved into our neighborhood a few months ago.  The first thing that I noticed about them was their CUTE little boys.  I’m talking adorable here.  And they were polite, well-behaved, and always smiling.  Once was just a little bit younger than Josh, and another, Slater, was the same age as Jakester.  I found myself hoping they would be friends.

About a week and a half ago, Slater was playing in his bedroom on a rare, sunny day when he slipped on a toy and fell out of his window to the concrete driveway two stories below.  He suffered severe head trauma and has been in a medically induced coma ever since.

Today was really rough for little Slater and his good family.  Due to a few new health concerns, his Doctors were attempting to wean him off his coma medications and life support, but it did not go well.  He is fighting hard, but he is also suffering.

Slater’s mom is AMAZING.  Her updates on Slater are full of faith and strength and love, and my heart breaks every time I read them.  Many of her posts are too tender to share in such a public forum (today’s detailing of his struggles has had me crying for hours, and is NOT something you would want to read), but I’ll post a few examples below so you can get a sense of her courage.

Please keep little Slater and his family in your prayers.  As I said before, today has been really hard for all of them.  You can also help with some of his medical expenses by donating at .

And finally, please make sure you give your own little ones an extra hug today.

Updates from Slater’s mom:

My heart aches watching my baby struggle to stay alive. I can do nothing but watch as he battles through. I am helpless. I don’t have the power to do a thing. I ponder though how much worse it was for our Father in Heaven to watch His son endure the most injustice, knowing he had the power to make it all go away, BUT didn’t because of his great love for our Savior and for the rest of us…It is times when our children our in trouble that we have the opportunity to show the most love. Don’t take it away but stand by their side and battle through it…with them. I love you Slater…

What do doctors and nurses not tell you?? Well I wanted to find out so I looked through Slater’s file, the following is what I read…”Child is currently in medically induced coma for severe brain injury, at this time he remains on life support. If child recovers he will need assistance for basic needs such as eating, personal hygiene, etc. Aggressive inpatient physical, speech, and occupational therapy will be needed, duration unknown. Will require intense therapy to reutrn to functional level…. I’m not scared..with God all things are possible..   (Bolding mine)

I continue to be amazed when I hear… my family member in El Salvador had their church pray for Slater. Or my friends in the south had their Baptist congregation praying for Slater, or my sister’s pastor in Alaska had his people pray for Slater. Elder Holt told me that missionaries all over Canada were praying for Slater, some of their Japanese investigators had family praying for Slater in Japan! People, we are apart of something so much bigger than we realize. We are and will witness a miracle in Slater. We will be able to stand and testify that no matter your religion, or race, WE ARE ALL GOD’s CHILDREN AND HE HEARS EVERYONES PRAYERS!!



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