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Slater Updates June 21, 2011

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I’ve had a few phone calls today asking about cute Slater.  I apologize for leaving everyone hanging.  This has been quite a roller coaster ride for Slater and his amazing family, but the worldwide prayers are being heard.  Slater had a great day yesterday – here’s hoping for more of them.

These are his mom’s latest updates, in reverse chronological order and edited a bit by me to keep things safe (I haven’t added anything, only deleted):


UPDATE: Neurology came, did an EKG for a few hours..other tests..IT IS NOT CHOREA! She said…um he isn’t having seizures and this is definitely not Chorea, he does not have the brain damage to support that…she said he is doing well, all this is normal. She will check over the course of the next two days some other things and more test to determine exactly how much damage we are dealing with. A HUGE MIRACLE FOR SLATER!! I am not saying we are on easy street because we have a lot of therapy ahead of us..but he looks so good today!!! This could not have been accomplished without great faith and prayers to our Father!! Every single one of you are apart of the many miracles and healing for Slater…thank you for coming together for this sweet Spirit!!!

UPDATE for Sunday June 19: A very emotionally charged day…it ends with a good note. Slater back on the life support, his jerky movements and jitteriness is probably caused by Chorea (severe brain injury-no cure) and watching my sign fight for his life! comes the good part. I looked into my son’s eyes and I saw HIM. I asked him to wink at me..took about 20 seconds but he did!!! I told him to close his eyes and open real quick..I said peek aboo..he tried hard to smile. Neurology comes in tomorrow to assess the best they can the extent of brain damage. I imagine our prognosis is not good…a trach and wheelchair is the just of it. I appreciate their knowledge and wisdom, but they do not know what Slater has been promised from our Father. I do not doubt our Father has a plan and a purpose and all of it will come in HIS time. My job?? To love this little boy and my other children with all my heart while they are on loan to me. My heart is bursting with joy at the thought of taking care of Slater no matter the final condition…oh yeah and I got to wash his hair tonight 🙂 Heaven..a piece of heaven.

 The life support is back in…Slater gave it a good fight. He struggled breathing on his own for as long as he could. A few factors as to why taking him off life support didn’t work..1) he is going through withdrawals 2) still swelling on the brain 3) brain not ready…may have sustained more damage than once thought. They took a gamble and brought him out of the coma early than expected because of the high fever. I think they made the right choice. They discovered Staph and Streph infections. That’s what caused the high brain pressure numbers and fever even though everything else was good. So he will be sedated for another 24 hours to give him rest and help him conserve energy. They will try again on Tuesday…

Please continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers, share his story far and wide (the more prayers, the better) and donate if you can.


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