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Yes, Virginia, there is a Summer June 28, 2011

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Have you noticed?  The sun came out!!!  Fabulous summertime has finally arrived!  This is good for me, but bad for my blog.  My decision-making process goes like this:

Go swimming!….blog

Eat ice cream!…blog


Read a book in the back yard!…blog

The blog loses every time.

Suffice it to say, summer is FLYING by, and I’m loving it.  Here is a rundown of the past few weeks:

Swimming lessons are in full swing.  Jakester is learning to swim in the deep end, while Em and Josh are enrolled in various levels of diving, aka “101 Ways to Recover From a Belly Flop.”  When we aren’t in official lessons, we’re hanging out at the pool, where Bitsy has learned to do a mean cannonball.

Daniel bought a car.  By himself.  Against the advice of his all-wise and all-knowing parents.  He paid WAAAY too much for it.  And it needed another $1000 in repairs.  Luckily, it turns out that it is illegal to sell a car to a minor.  So he returned the car.   Then he bought another car with the help of his parents.  This was a good car.  Then he ran his new, happy car into a PARKED car at the Macey’s parking lot.  Bad Daniel!

Jakester turned five.  We celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheeses, where the pizza was…get this…DELICIOUS!  Miracles do happen!  Jakob got to pick out his own present (Legos), and then my manly little man requested a birthday cake with pink frosting and flowery sparkles.

We went to the Mormon Miracle Pageant at Manti last Saturday.  We laughed, we cried, I bought T-shirts, Jakob was WAY excited to see Jesus, and Emma and I snuck off to munch on the best. chocolate covered strawberries. evar.

Joshua and his friends found a robin’s egg in the forest.  They built a nest for it, complete with a shelter made out of sucker wrappers, in our neighbor’s back yard tree.  They are convinced that the egg is going to hatch.  I have never been so grateful that the tree in my back yard is unclimbable in my whole life.

When Josh and the gang aren’t rescuing rotten eggs, they are on BUG PATROL.  Sabrina is loving all of the fat, juicy grasshoppers that are unceremoniously dumped into her cage after a long winter filled with dry, crunchy crickets.  She also loves to eat butterflies, which just seems…kind of wrong.

This morning my friend asked, “Was that you I saw running along Main Street last night at 11:00?”  Yes, yes it was.  I can’t find any other time to run.  Running is hard when it is super-duper dark at night.  You might do things like…accidentally run into a ditch, or imagine that a giant monster is hiding behind that lilac bush, or trip over a shadow.  Just sayin’.  (Where is the moon, by the way?)

I had to endure four school/scout check-ups with the munchkins last week.  Three of them passed with flying colors (although Dr. V did mention that Bitsy was very “active”), one did not.  It looks like we’ll be spending some quality time with the specialists at Primary Children’s Medical Center in the months to come.  I would be bummed, but there’s this cute little boy named Slater who lives down the street…

Speaking of Slater, his recovery continues to be a roller coaster ride.  He has been enduring something called “brain storms,” which sound really horrific, and was put back into ICU last night after another failed attempt at breathing on his own.  BUT…he can talk, and wiggle his fingers, and turn his head.  His mother’s updates continue to amaze me with her strength and courage and faith.  Leave me a comment if you want to read more of them in her own words.




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