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Let the Festivities Begin! July 2, 2011

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(I love this picture.  Senator Lee  had just broken his golf club during the “see who can hit the golf ball farthest into the lake” tournament, and Governor Herbert was giving him some pointers.  Or maybe just laughing at him.)

I should be cleaning right now.  But I’m not.  I’m stalling.

Some of you will be shocked to hear this, but Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.  Picnics!!  Parades!!  Patriotism!!  Pyrotechnics!!  (Yeah, that last one was kind of a stretch.)

As a side note, did you know that attending parades turns people into Republicans?  Someone just did a study about it, so it must be true.  Make sure you take your family to a parade this weekend!  If you’re a democrat, take your family to TWO parades.  😉

N. E. Way…

Our weekend of barbecue madness began last night at a cabin WAY up in the mountains with some of my favorite peeps – the Governor, Senator Hatch, Senator Lee, Congressman Chaffetz, a host of various mayors and state representatives, and me.  And a few more people just like me.  Because all of the famous political folk had to have someone to talk to.

That’s right – four hours of pure, unadulterated right-wing nut job bliss.  I could die a happy girl right now.

(Here I am with the man who started it all – Congressman Chaffetz.  We were having a delightful visit before we were rudely interrupted by the National Anthem.)

(And this would be Todd, helping to push Mike’s ride out.  He was stuck on a rock.  Political junkie alert:  if you look closely, you will see a potential future governor and future congressman in this photo.  Both of them are laughing.  So is Mike.  So was I.  Certain potential future congressmen should NOT be given driver’s licenses.)

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go on a hike and picnic with my most favorite people of all:  my munchkins!




One Response to “Let the Festivities Begin!”

  1. Yeah Republicans! I think you are a terrific. Your son Daniel was our home teacher for a while with Monte. We just loved him. Great kid.

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