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Itchin’ July 10, 2011

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(This is how I feel right now.)

Waaaaay back in April we went camping.  On the beach.  I may or may not blog about it sometime in the future.

It was a fabulous camping trip, really it was.  There are just two problems:  1) It was on the beach.  I love the beach.  I do.  But my mountains aren’t on the beach.  2) April was a really long time ago.

I NEED my mountains.  I YEARN for an evening spent sitting around a campfire making strawberry s’mores and snuggling with my munchkins.  I CAN NOT BREATHE without fresh mountain air.  If I have to spend even one more week cramped up in this big city (Okay neighbors, you can stop laughing now.), I will shrivel up like a spider shell and blow away and die.  My existence will be meaningless.  I MUST go camping soon.

Was that dramatic enough for you?

It’s true.  I’m a camping junkie in serious need of a fix.

I tried to go camping in June.  I really did.  But we were all just too darn busy.  I hate it when that happens.  I had to resort to day trips up the canyon just to keep my sanity.

But ladeez and gentlemen, worry no more, because in a few short days we are going CAMPING!

Camping camping camping camping camping camping!

And now, un-edited (because I am lazy) pictures of the munchkins on our day trips:

That water is cold!


Yes, our four youngest are alone in the middle of the lake.  Todd and I were placing bets on which one would jump out of the boat first.  The answer was Josh.

Seriously – Is there anything cuter than a baby duck?


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