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In Which Daniel *Gasp* Does Something Fun August 11, 2011

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It was a crazy-warm August afternoon.  The munchkins and I were frantically searching over, under, and through the couch cushions in a desperate attempt to find the mail key.

(Ahh, the mail key – the bane of my existence.  We can only find it about once every two weeks, at which point the mail in our teeny tiny mailbox is crushed into the shape of a brick.  The mail lady must hate us.)

Anyway, there we were, with the living room completely torn apart and the mail key nowhere in sight, when we heard a knock at the door.  “Drat!” I cursed, and then headed to the door, hoping that whoever was on the other side was blind so that they would not see the chaos of our living room.

No such luck.  On the other side of the door were two teenagers, dripping wet, carrying tubes, and grinning ear-to-ear.  “Is Daniel here?”

From the couch came Daniel’s gruff reply, “NO!”  Subterfuge is not one of his best qualities.

Neighbor number one poked his head through the door, “Hey Daniel, come tubing with us!”


“It’s fun!” chimed neighbor number two.


I looked at the two happy youngsters standing on the porch.  They were tan, they were healthy, they were…kind of stinky.  Then I looked at Daniel.

It was not a pretty picture.  His skin was translucently pale, he had dark circles under his eyes from too much time spent enjoying Facebook posts on his I-pod, and his back was developing a permanent hunch from too many hours spent coding.

“Daniel, go have fun RIGHT NOW!”  I ordered.

He grudgingly agreed to go, and headed down to the crawlspace to grab a tube.  (Random fact about us:  In our crawlspace, which is ginormous, we have an unlimited supply of peanut butter, decorations for every season, and a complete set of fully inflated tubes.  Because you never know when the urge to tube will strike.)

And then, for a few hours on a crazy-warm August afternoon, my little robot-son had FUN!


What’s that?

You don’t believe me?

I thought this might happen, so Bizzie and I snuck out on the trail after them.

We waited patiently on a tree that had fallen across the river,

and then…

I got photographic evidence!

(I had the presence of mind to grab my camera, but I did not have the presence of mind to see if it was charged, so these are cell phone pics.  Pretend like they’re in focus.  It was the best I could do.)

Oh, and don’t worry.  I’m sure I didn’t embarrass him at all.  Not even when I was jumping up and down in the middle of the river yelling, “Smile, Daniel!”

Here they come – aww,  he’s waving at me!

If you look really closely, you can almost see a smile on Daniel’s face.

He’s so happy to see me!

And there they go.


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