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In Which Joshua’s Birthday Wish is Fulfilled September 12, 2011

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We have a little birthday tradition here at Casa de James.  It’s nothing spectacular.  Many families do the same.  Whenever one of the munchkins reaches a new year of age, I will cook them anything, anything their little heart desires for dinner.

That’s right – no matter how extravagant, no matter how many hours of back-breaking work over a hot stove it may take, no request will be turned down.

A Chinese feast?  I’ll get out the cutting board.

L’arrosto di maiale ha cucinato nel latte?  I’m on it.

Crab?  I’ll just take a little side trip out to Oregon….

So this week, when Joshua turned NINE, the family was anxious to hear what his dinner request would be.

They waited with bated breath while he made his decision.

Bated breath.


And what did my always happy, eternally optimistic, never in a hurry, “let’s keep life simple” little guy choose?

Frozen pizza.

Oh, how I love that sweet boy.


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