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The Bees’ Knees September 14, 2011

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Can you smell that?

Fall is in the air.


(Hey local peeps – anyone up for a hike to the hot pots on Saturday?  Call me.)

This means that we can now eat fresh apples, and make lots of salsa, and the munchkins can play in the backyard without roasting.


Did you know that September is National Honey Month?

It totally is.

To celebrate this (or maybe just by coincidence), some of our most awesome friends in the whole wide world invited us over for a honey harvest.


Josh got to help.  He was very excited about this.  I think that he could live off of honey.  In fact, he practically does.

Because I like to think of this as an educational blog (stop laughing), I decided to document the process.  I even took my real camera along.  And its battery was charged.  But its memory card was at home in the computer.  Oops.  I took grainy cell phone pictures instead.  Here we go…

The process took place in their VERY warm garage.  This was to simulate a sauna, so that the bees would be nice and relaxed throughout the entire process.  Or maybe it was just to help keep the honey in a more fluid state.

They used a warm knife to cut the beeswax off the honeycomb, thus exposing the lovely, golden honey.

Then, they spun the trays as hard as they could.  This simulated a carnival ride for the cute the bees.  Happy bees make happy honey.

Or maybe it was to remove the honey through the science of centrifugal force.

And that’s all there is to it!  Do you see all of that yummy honey pouring out of the canister?  I’ll confess – I was just expecting a tiny trickle of honey to come out.  I had no idea those little honeycombs could hold so much honey.  You go, honey bees!

Oops – I almost forgot the final, most important, most crucial step.

You MUST sample the honey on a freshly made scone.


It will be delicious.


One Response to “The Bees’ Knees”

  1. Jessica Says:

    You guys were so awesome to come!

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