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November 19 – Sometimes One Picture Isn’t Enough November 19, 2011

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We went to a puppet show, where we learned about the importance of brushing our teeth.  (It pays to have a neighbor who is a dentist.)


Daniel made a snowman.  (The rest of the munchkins “helped.”)


The girls and I went out to lunch.  (Dear Oremites, Kohinoor was dead today.  What is up with that?  Please support their business.  My life will not be the same if they go under.)


Then we went shopping and saw the creepiest reindeer ever.


Emma got her ears pierced.


We stopped at Macey’s for a quick shopping trip.  Everyone else in Spanish Fork had the same idea.  Everyone.  I am not kidding.


And finally, Jakob accompanied me to his teacher’s wedding reception.


I love Saturdays.




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