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December 3rd – It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas December 4, 2011

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Yesterday the munchkins and I headed up the canyon to the Interfaith Creche Exhibit in Midway.
Joshua was entranced by all of the beautiful nativity sets.
Bizzie, on the other hand, was not at all pleased with all of the standing in line and NOT touching that we had to do.  “I hate these,” she grouchily proclaimed to anyone who would lend a sympathetic ear.
Once we had made our way through the exhibit, we munched on caramel apples while heading back down the canyon to experience Christmas at Riverwoods.
The lights were beautiful and perhaps most importantly, Bizzie could RUN.
We made a quick lengthy stop at Blickenstaff’s (world’s best toy store), where Emma fell in love with a remote-controlled flying shark, Daniel discovered the next generation of play-dough, and Sarah put on an impromptu puppet show.
And then,
and then,
and THEN…
we saw Santa!
And Santa, I must say, was wonderful.  He took his time with each of the munchkins, and had the most beautiful beard I have ever seen.
Elizabeth asked for…something.
Jakob asked for a Darth Maul lightsaber.
Joshua asked for an I-pad.   Dream on, kid.
We ended the evening with a carriage ride.
Sarah and Daniel chatted by the warm fire while the rest of us kept their place in line.  (Teenagers!)
Here comes our beautiful horse.
It was a fabulous first Saturday of December!

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