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December 16 & 17 – This is Why You Always Get Stuck With Crappy Phone Pictures December 18, 2011

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That’s right.  I used a “real” camera for these pictures.  And then it took Todd two days to download them.  And they’re almost as bad as the pictures I take with my cell phone.  Moving on…

Have I mentioned that it’s birthday season for Emma?  And that on Friday night, she had a par-tay, complete with friends, designer cupcakes, make-overs, and party games that only teenage girls would find amusing?   I haven’t?  Let’s correct that right now.

(These gorgeous cupcakes were made by my friend Kari.  All of the girls had cute black teeth after eating them.)

(As it turns out, sometimes you *do* need to use a flash.)

On Saturday, I gathered with my clan for our annual family Christmas party.  I took my camera, but I did not take any pictures.  I was too busy eating.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to come up with a plan to fit five bazillion more activities into this coming week.  I could also use some ideas for Christmas presents for…just about everybody on my list.

Sleep?  Who needs it?


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