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December 23 – Almost Christmas! December 23, 2011

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Tonight, we went to a living nativity.  I’m not gonna lie – it was kind of creepy.  Emma said she was going to have nightmares about wise men, which prompted Daniel to say, “This is why Christmas should really be about Santa.”

Next, we went to see the lights at Salem Pond.  The munchkins actually requested this.  You have no idea how much joy this brought to my Christmas-geek heart.

And finally, it was time for the decorating of the gingerbread houses.

The girls made this one:

(Daniel took this picture with his phone.  I am so jealous.)

And the boys made this one:

Sadly, it took the boys longer to finish.

As an added bonus, those of you who are aware of my obsession with Dancing With the Stars will appreciate this:

I got a Christmas card from the Hough family!!!!!

I am not even kidding.  I think I’ll frame it.


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