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December 27 – Getting Back Into the Swing of Things December 27, 2011

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Why, hello!

We had a fabulous Christmas, complete with lightsabers, sinking islands, and bikes with backwards wheels (those poor elves must have been tired).  Unfortunately, I took pictures with my real camera, which means you’ll probably never get to see them.

Today, we went to Trafalga to redeem our family set of “Pass of All Passes” (which I got for a SCREAMIN’ deal $20!).

So did everyone else in Utah county.  And I do mean EVERYONE else.

While we were there, we thought we would join the masses for a nice round of miniature golfing.

This is a picture taken by a much better blogger than I’ll ever be:

This is the one sad picture I actually managed to take:

But I SHOULD have taken a picture of the fit Bizzie threw at the 14th hole.

She screamed.

She ran.

She wailed.

She took off her shoes.

She threw them.

She screamed even louder.

She flopped.

It would have made great blackmail material.


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