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May 4th – It’s Over! May 4, 2012

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Today, I finished my FINAL final.  I surmised that the testing center people would look at me strangely if I took a picture of myself weeping tears of joy while skipping down the hall throwing tiny pieces of academic graffiti in the air, so I refrained.

But this is how I felt:

I totally aced the final, by the way.

And now for a public service announcement:  If you are reading this on Cinco de Mayo, don’t forget to check out the moon tonight.  If you are reading this on May 4th, go to bed.  Seriously.


2 Responses to “May 4th – It’s Over!”

  1. janae Says:

    The picture isn’t showing up, just FYI. Maybe it’s just my computer. I seriously cannot believe how much you have on your plate at any given time: kids, classes, campaigns, running, etc. No wonder you are so skinny!

  2. mommyoffive Says:

    Janae – Weird. Sometimes the picture is there and sometimes it isn’t. I just tried to fix it, we’ll see if it actually works. I don’t know where the picture of my kids went (on the sidebar), either. 😦

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