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May 8th – That’s Right, I Forgot to Take a Picture Today May 8, 2012

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A week or so ago I lost my deodorant.

I know.  If Bizzie were your daughter, you would understand.


This left me with a bit of a situation on my hands.  Normally, when my deodorant goes missing (yes, this has happened more than once since Bizzie joined our family) I simply sneak into Todd’s drawer and use his deodorant.  But on this particular day, I was subbing.  5th grade in Mr. H’s class.

Here’s the thing about man deodorant.  It smells manly.  Powerfully manly.  So manly that every time I use it, I spend the first half of my day wandering around wondering if someone spilled a bottle of cologne somewhere.  Men must be trying to cover up a powerful funk, because…WOW.

Sometimes the smell is so strong that it makes me feel lightheaded.  And lightheaded is not what I want to be when facing a room full of fifth graders.

So I passed on the uber-powerful, super smelly man deodorant, and instead decided to try something that I had read on a blog a few years ago.  (Not that I regularly read blogs about deodorant alternatives.  Just wanted to clear that up.   Speaking of blogs, if you want to read a fun blog, and you are working on perfecting your running technique, I highly recommend this one I would totally marry Cory if he weren’t already happily married.)

And…we’re back on track.

That’s right, plain old rubbing alcohol.

And guess what – it actually works!!!!

Or at least I hope it works.

Now I’m feeling paranoid.

But my armpits are germ free.

That’s all, folks.



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