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May 11 – The Mysterious Message May 11, 2012

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Elisabeth loves to draw.  In order to save our walls encourage her creativity, I try to keep a little basket of sidewalk chalk for her on the front porch.  She spends hours each day filling our driveway with unintelligible graffiti beautiful pictures.  They make me smile.

Occasionally, Josh and Jakob will join in the fun and leave charming notes on the front porch.  Notes like, “I hat Josha,” and “Jakob stinks.”  These notes do not make me smile.

Just imagine how happy I was when I opened my door and found this delightful, heartfelt note scrawled across the porch:

It reads “Hey Family,  Thank you so much for everything!  It really means a lot.  I love you guys!  We all need to get together soon.  Love, Britt”

It was accompanied by a darling picture of a stick figure family signed by Brittany.

There’s just one problem:

None of us have any idea who Brittany is.


One Response to “May 11 – The Mysterious Message”

  1. janae Says:

    Haha!! I got a comment kind of like that on my blog once. She made some comment alluding to the fact that she knew me in college before I met Sam and what not … but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out who she was!

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