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May 17 – Kickball Chaos May 17, 2012

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Today my cute 5th grade class played kickball with a neighboring class.  I was in charge of the girls’ game.

Here is how it went:

The field was soaking wet, first base was inside of a mud puddle, and the girls were all deep in the throes of pre-teen end-of-school-year angst.

Plus, the opposing team looked like this:

My team looked like this:

That’s right – I somehow managed to end up with an entire team full of girls blessed with what I thought was my own unique combination of uber-competitiveness and total lack of athletic ability.  The final score was 15 – 11.  We lost.  I jammed a finger.  Violence nearly broke out among the ladies.  The girls returned to the classroom covered in mud and tears.

They can’t wait for a rematch.


One Response to “May 17 – Kickball Chaos”

  1. janae Says:

    Laughing my head off!!

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