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May 19 – Bizzie’s Birthday! May 19, 2012

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Bizzie turned the big 0-3 today!

She got dressed in her brand new butterfly shirt (thanks, Grandma!) and had her favorite breakfast – waffles with whipped cream and blackberries.  (Not the best picture – I couldn’t get her to stop eating long enough to smile.)  She had Cheetos for lunch.


She sang happy birthday to herself a bazillion times before blowing out the candles on her butterfly birthday cake.  (I used to think that store-bought birthday cakes were a sign of a bad mother.  Now I realize that they are actually a sign of a smart mother.)

Radio Disney threw a birthday party for her at the Riverwoods splash pad.  They rescheduled it and everything, just so it would be on her birthday.  Or maybe because of yesterday’s storm.  At the party, she got a butterfly balloon!  (Is anyone noticing a theme here?)

Then she went on a shopping spree at Blickenstaff’s – hands down the best toy store on the planet.  She chose a mouse family and a cupcake set for her birthday presents.

And of course, no birthday would be complete without cotton candy!

We love our bossy, headstrong, independent, happy, beautiful Bizzie – life would be so boring without her!



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