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June 5 – An Important Life Lesson June 5, 2012

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Today I learned that although avacados are delicious in salads…

and sandwiches…

and guacamole,

in juice form?

Not so much.

Don’t let those chocolate swirls fool you.

PS – It should be totally evident, but these are not my pictures.

3 Responses to “June 5 – An Important Life Lesson”

  1. janae Says:

    Sad! I’ve never had avocado with chocolate, but I have had some delicious avocado shakes. It’s all in the mixing.

  2. Mindy Says:

    I don’t think ours had all that chocolate down the sides – maybe that’s why it was a little off. Apparently other people like it though, so maybe it’s our taste buds that are a little off.

  3. mommyoffive Says:

    Mindy – You and I are always right, so the problem couldn’t possibly be with us. 😉 Maybe our juice just had super potent avacados.
    Janae – Avacado shakes? That’s just wrong. Shakes are not meant to be healthy.

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