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Freedom Festivities, Day One: Kickin’ It Old School July 7, 2012

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(Editor’s note:  As you may have guessed from some of my previous posts, I am a bit of a patriotic junkie.  Independence Day turns into a week-long celebration for me and my brood.  Since no one in their right mind would take the time to read about our week in one long, drawn-out post, I will be presenting our fun in snippits instead.  You’re welcome.)

(What?!  What do mean, you don’t care that much?)

On Monday, the offspring and I headed out to the Colonial Village in Orem.

We learned how to do Colonial Chores…

And what school was like in the colonies…  (I’m thinking they took some creative liberties with this one.)

And then I found out what moms did with their naughty children.

Daniel was so excited to be there with us!

This guy had some mad skillz.

I thought the whole village was fascinating.  We were there for two hours and only saw about half of it.  Huge shout-out to all of the volunteers who were dressed in Colonial fashion, because it was HOT outside and each one of them carried on with a smile.  Or maybe they were just trying not to laugh at my hair.  (See previous post.)




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