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5 Things that Made Last Week Awesome August 13, 2012

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1.  I stood next to my good friend, Bruce (he sent me a Christmas card last year!) while we watched his son give some dance lessons.  Turns out that Derek is actually quite cute and very friendly in real life, and I honestly think that he could even make *me* look like a dancer.  But he’s still no Maks.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t know why the Hough family sent me a Christmas card, but I am 100% certain they have no idea who I am.  I treasure the Christmas card anyway.)

2.  I nearly rolled the Suburban while desperately trying to find a parking spot in Park City.  Emma and Sarah both thought they were going to die.  Sarah screamed the loudest.  Joshua pointed out the irony of having so few parking spaces in a city named “Park.”  My parking perseverance was all worth it, though, because I got a free chocolate covered strawberry.  Bizzie used her cuteness to gather lots of free Tour of Utah swag, including a really loud cowbell that has now been “lost.”

3.   I ate unlimited strawberry s’mores three nights in a row.   I also discovered that Emma is much better at building a campfire than Todd is.

4.  I ran eleven miles without dying or falling down.  I had a lovely running tour of the mountains, and Midway, and Heber, and Midway again.

5.  But perhaps most importantly…

There was Bollywood dancing in the Olympics closing ceremonies!!!!

Words are not adequate to describe how delighted I was with the incredible combination of Bollywood and Monty Python.

Now I know that many people have complained about the closing ceremonies, but I thought they were BRILLIANT!!!  I was so impressed by the Pet Shop Boys’ dedication to bicycle safety – those helmets could survive anything!  And having the Spice Girls sing in cars was sheer genius, because everyone knows that we all sound better while singing in cars (just ask my kids).  Plus, that giant, glowing octopus?  Poetry in motion, baby.

I was mesmerized by the spectacle of it all.  Those who think it was boring need to watch more British television, because that was British entertainment at its finest.

In all honesty, I loved watching the parade of athletes as they soaked in the festivities, cameras in hand.  It was a well-earned celebration for all of them.



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