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How to Coach a Football Team September 23, 2012

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The Mighty Broncos were down on their luck.  Despite extra practices, boyish confidence, and an infinite amount of patience from their coaches, they had made it almost halfway through the season without scoring a single touchdown.

After every game, they would walk a little more slowly off the field, heads hanging just a little bit lower.  Their joy in the game was starting to fade.

The match up with the Dolphins seemed to be on pace to meet another disappointing ending.  The Dolphins had scored six touchdowns in a row; the Broncos were struggling to make a first down.  The Dolphins’ coach looked at the defeated faces of the Broncos, and called his team together for a huddle.

A special play was called.  A play that he had actually practiced with his team.

The ball was snapped, the Broncos’ quarterback braced himself for a quick tackle, and…

There was no tackle.

Suddenly, the Broncos’ previously ineffective blocking efforts were working.  The Dolphins couldn’t quite make it to the Broncos’ QB.

The little quarterback blinked, looked down at the football in his hands, and started to run.

Some Dolphins came close to him, but they couldn’t quite reach his flag.

He ran faster.  His teammates started to cheer.

And then…


And oh, the celebration after that touchdown – by the boys on both teams – was something to behold.

Our Broncos may not have won any games after that, but they were finally able to make a few more touchdowns on their own.   And more importantly, they had HOPE again.

     Dear Dolphins Coach,

     Thank you for teaching your boys how to be true athletes, and for giving our team a reason to keep playing.


One Response to “How to Coach a Football Team”

  1. janae Says:

    Oh! That is so … tender. Now that is a great coach.

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