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Hoppin’ Halloween November 5, 2012

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Ahem.  Prepare for the world’s fastest Mommy Blog Halloween Post.  There’s an election going on tomorrow and I’ll have more exciting stuff to talk about, like the private party I’ll be attending with my favorite U.S. Senator.  Not that I’m a name dropper or anything…

My masterpiece.

Since I can’t imagine anything more frightening than four more years under an Obama regime, Bizzie and I began our Halloween with a morning of making phone calls at the Romney victory center.  I am pleased to report that the calls went VERY well.

Bizzie has politics in her blood.  She marches around the call center like she owns the place, helping volunteers make calls (seriously – she knows the entire script), delivering cups of water to thirsty callers, and stealing other people’s Cheetos.  Oops.

After a superfast lunch at home, we were off to host Josh’s classroom Halloween party.

Next, we enjoyed the always entertaining school costume parade.

After the parade, I raced to Costco for an emergency shopping trip.  (Don’t worry, I made an emergency trip to Macey’s the day before.  I make lots of emergency shopping trips.)  I did myself proud on this particular trip:  45 minutes porch-to-porch total and my cart was packed like a Tetris block.  I am kicking myself for not taking a picture.

Then, it was time for our traditional Halloween dinner of bloody rats.   Sadly, there were no popping eyeballs and oozing brains this time around.

I stalled as long as I could, but the munchkins were ready to go trick-or-treating long before the sun went down.  We met up with a few friends, and soon a ginormous herd of greedy little goblins was heading through the neighborhood.

Bizzie lasted about two blocks before the candy in her bucket became too tempting and she insisted on returning home to partake of the sugary goodness.

About an hour later, when the boys still hadn’t returned home, she realized that she had made a rookie mistake and begged me to take her back out to get more candy.  I refused.  Luckily for her, when the boys finally made it home, they were each carrying more than their body weight in candy.  Seriously.  It has now been almost a week and we still have GOOD candy left to eat.  I’ve eaten peanut M&Ms, Skittles, and a Werther’s just while creating this post, which means I’d better stop writing before I fall into a sugar coma.  😉


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