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I’d Title This Post “Holiday Ketchup,” But Given the Way it Ends, That Would be Way Too Gross Even for Me December 30, 2012

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(Ahem.  I actually wrote this yesterday morning.  Sarah got a brand new camera for Christmas, and in an effort to avoid my blurry, grainy, cell phone pics, we turned her into our official Christmas photographer.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t figured out how to upload the pictures yet.  I waited all weekend to add cute Christmas pics to this post, but now I’ve given up hope.  My point is, please rest assured that I did not actually go on a Sunday sin run this morning.  Because we all know that I would never do anything like that.)

Why, hello there!  How is your winter going?

I just returned from a brisk morning run, where I was frightened by my favorite pheasant.  (Aren’t those things supposed to migrate?)  Some people have asked if I still use my VFFs in the snow.  Yes, yes I do, but with limitations.  They have absolutely ZERO traction, which makes it tough to run in ice or slush.  Also, because I am not crazy, I don’t run on unplowed trails, which means that while I have LOVED this wonderful white Christmas, I haven’t gotten in nearly as much running as I would have liked.

This morning, the weather was a balmy 17 degrees and the trail was *mostly* plowed.  In Utah in December, those are perfect running conditions, although I did start to worry about frostbite on my little toesies during one particularly lengthy snow-packed stretch.  It was worth it though, because my footprints totally looked like the abominable snowman was running down the trail.  I’ll bet that freaked some people out!


I know that you’ve all (that’s right, all five of you) been on pins and needles wondering what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.  In a nutshell…

We’ve been enjoying the greatest sport on earth in the cheap seats of the Marriott Center.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Then we ate leftovers for a week.   Fortunately, Daniel was smart enough to take a picture.  Unfortunately, he didn’t include food, or people, or even a complete table setting.

Sarah and I enjoyed some post-Thanksgiving hiking.

Those of you who have never tried winter hiking really should, because you get to see things like this:

Also, if you’re smart, you’ll end up at the hot pots, which are AWESOME in the winter.

Just be prepared to strip out of your swimsuit in front of a group of random strangers (male and female, young and old) once you’re finished, because there are no changing rooms at the hotpots.  Yes, there are trees, but they are, like, WAAAAAAY down the trail (50 feet), and your swimsuit would surely turn into ice by the time you got to them.

Em and I rocked a black Friday sale.

Sarah and I went to see South Pacific on stage.  I came home and googled tropical vacations.  Then I realized that I will never have enough money to go on a tropical vacations, so I ate some shaved ice instead.  Except it was really ice cream, because for some reason the Shave Ice stand people don’t think they need to be open during the winter.

That was November.

On to December:

I went to A Christmas Carol with my book club ladies, and Les Mis with another friend.  Les Mis was phenomenal.  If you are one of the three people who haven’t seen it yet, take a big box of tissues with you and make sure you are wearing waterproof mascara. That’s right, I cried in public.  So did everyone else in the theater.

The munchkins and I enjoyed a quick trip on the Frontrunner to see the sights of Salt Lake.  We feel so “citified” now.  Daniel especially enjoyed the return trip.  (That is not our microwave.  A random couple was “sharing” our seats with us, and when they found their own seats later, they moved on sans microwave.  Weird.)

We decorated gingerbread men.

We saw Santa.

We went ice-skating.  And bowling.  And SLEDDING!

We happen to have the world’s best sledding hill right here in Southern Utah County.  I am not exaggerating.  It requires a bit of a drive and some hiking, but it’s totally worth it.  The hill must be at least at least 500 gazillion half a mile long, with plenty of opportunities for serious injury catching air.  If you haven’t gone sledding yet this year, go now.  Don’t wait.  You never know how long that snow will last.  But first, stop by our house and let Bizzie explain to you how sledding should be properly done.  She has opinions, that one.  She also wanted to go sledding at 7:00 this morning.  After I told her no, I caught her dragging one of our tubes up our stairs.  I put the kibosh on that one, too.  I’m a mean one, Mrs. Grinch…

We had a lovely three-day-long Christmas.  First, Todd’s family came over for Christmas dinner and presents.  Then, my family came over for Christmas dinner and presents.  Finally, we opened our own family Christmas presents on Christmas day.  Santa brought some jeans for Sarah, lasers for Daniel, a snow cone maker for Emma, Legos for Josh, a Captain America shield for Jakob, and a drum set for Bizzie.  Sometimes Santa doesn’t think things through very well.  We had our traditional Christmas sticky buns (which weren’t very sticky this year – oops) for breakfast, and LOTS of Christmas leftover for lunch.  And dinner.  And lunch and dinner the next day.  And the next.  And the next.

The next day, we had hamburgers.

Sarah gave us a gecko for Christmas.  Her name is Samantha.

And in actual news:

Around the middle of December, four of us came down with a NASTY stomach flu.  Emma, the girl who NEVER gets sick, was one of the four.  While three of us recovered, she just kept getting sicker.  I thought she was just being melodramatic because she wasn’t used to being sick.

Then her appendix ruptured.  Oops.

We spent five fun-filled days in the hospital.  Her surgeon said it was one of the worst ruptures he’d ever seen.  Then he gave me the look.  You know, the one that says “You must be the most despicable mother on the planet.  How could you have let your precious daughter suffer like that?  Are you clueless or just completely insensitive?  You are not worthy of the stinky hospital air you are breathing right now!  You should suffer – suffer like the horrible human being you are!!!”

I got that look from a lot of the hospital staff that week.  It was fun.

Totally didn’t stop me from getting Todd to stay with Em while Sarah and I went to the BYU-UTAH basketball game, though.  It’s all about priorities, people.

Josh and I also met two BYU basketball players in the hospital elevator, so it wasn’t all bad.

Emma is doing great, by the way.  She hasn’t had any of the horrible complications her surgeon predicted, and she has some really cool piercings on her stomach now.  They totally fit with her goth image.

Have you ever wanted to see what a ruptured appendix looks like?  You have?

Well, here ya go!  You’re welcome.  🙂

Em's appendix


One Response to “I’d Title This Post “Holiday Ketchup,” But Given the Way it Ends, That Would be Way Too Gross Even for Me”

  1. janae Says:

    Suddenly I understand why “Christmas Ketchup” would be such a disgusting title…

    ps. you make me want to blog, and that’s pretty rare these days.

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