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Now I Want to Go on an Alaskan Fishing Trip With a Very Loyal Dog March 16, 2013

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Today, Em and I had planned to go to the Real season opener.  When we got to the stadium, the game had already sold out, so we headed down the street to the International Sportsmen’s Expo instead.

It was Redneck Paradise.  When we arrived, the “Calling Elk With Confidence” workshop was just beginning.  We got splashed on at a DockDog competition.  There were Duck Dynasty shirts everywhere.  We saw a zombie gun safe.


(Side view)


(Front view)

There were OWLS!


There was also a taxidermy competition.   One of the displays had a mother duck with all of her fuzzy little ducklings.  It was adorable, until we realized that someone had to kill all of those cute teeny tiny baby ducks so that they could then turn around and stuff them.  Things that make you go hmmm…..

Do you see that sleepy little furball?  It’s a baby bear, and I got to play with it!


We also got to play with this one:


She was so fluffy I could die!!!!!!

When we returned home, it was time for family movie night.  I chose Hachi.  Now, we Jameses are almost Spock-like in our inability to show emotion, but this was a heartstring tugging masterpiece.  The kids were still sobbing 45 minutes after it was over.

It’s entirely possible that even I shed a tear or two.

I am so kicking myself for not taking a picture of their puffy, tear-streaked little faces.



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