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He Is Risen March 31, 2013

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Happy Easter!

At Casa de James, we began our Easter Sunday by attending church.  A good mom would have taken a picture of all of her children dressed up in their Easter finery.  I am not a good mom.

The calendar gods must be angry with with me, because Holi was taking place just down the road from us this weekend.  I LOVE the color festival, but unfortunately we had a family Easter party yesterday.  For some strange reason, Todd thinks that family gatherings should trump festivities of other religions.  I don’t get it.  Anyway, I couldn’t *quite* justify participating in the color festival on the Sabbath, so we decided to take a nice Sunday stroll instead.  As luck would have it, we strolled right past the Krishna temple just in time for the second color throwing of the day.



Here’s a picture taken by an actual photographer, because my grainy phone pics taken from a distance do NOT do the event justice.

On the walk back home, Josh managed to get just a tiny bit of color thrown onto him.


While our Easter dinner was cooking, we had an epic egg battle.  Choosing the egg with the strongest shell requires a huge amount of scientific skill and painstaking egg-checking effort.  Only those who are highly intelligent and dedicated to the sport of egg battling can pick eggs that will last through several rounds of head to head match ups.


My egg cracked in the first round.

Jakob’s egg was the ultimate egg fighting champion.


For those of you who are worried that we were wasting eggs, fear not!  We each had to eat our eggs after their shells were cracked.

Except.  None of the munchkins like the yolks, so they turned them into little egg yolk warriors and sent them off to battle again.



(Did you notice that these egg yolk pictures are actually in focus?  Daniel just taught me how to do that.  Sometimes he’s a good boy.)

And now for some very important information:  It has come to my attention that not everyone makes resurrection rolls for their Easter dinner.  This fact makes me very sad.



(Check out the groovy seventies plate!  I didn’t think to take a picture until after we had all started eating, and all of our good plates were already covered in partially eaten food.)

I was going to explain how to make them, but then I got lazy and decided to just post this link instead.

Gooey deliciousness and awesome symbolism all wrapped up in a fluffy roll – what can possibly be a better Easter lesson?


(Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed a video.  You’ll have to click the link.)




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