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Staycation: Day One April 1, 2013

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Wahoo!  It’s Spring Break time in Happy Valley.   While we have a real vacation (Yellowstone!) coming up in a few months, this week we’ll be staying closer to home.

Today we went to Scheel’s.  I have literally been waiting months for this.

I love sporting goods stores.  I could live in them, wandering around checking out camping equipment and kayaks during the day, and cuddling up in a hammock at night.  It would be just like that airport movie that Tom Hanks did, but way more interesting.

But Jennifer, you are thinking, what about your children?  How can a sporting goods store possibly be fun for them?

Read on, dear friends.

Exhibit A:  The Giant Ferris Wheel of Doom

I’ll tell you what – George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. must have been one sadistic bridge builder, because I can’t imagine anything more terrifying than a ferris wheel.  Except for a ferris wheel with spiders on it.  Shudder!

Josh, Biz, and I rode together.  I was hyperventilating, Josh was holding on to the safety bar for dear life, and Bizzie was giggling and waving her arms in the air.


Em and Jakester spent the whole ride laughing at us.

Exhibit B:  Four Wheelin’


Exhibit C:  Being Eaten by a Bear


Exhibit D:  Catching Giant Fish


Plus, Josh was a state of absolute nirvana as he strolled through aisle upon aisle of football jerseys, bb guns, and fishing equipment.

On our way home, we stopped at Trafalga for a friendly game of laser tag.  Playing laser tag with Bizzie is something that everyone should experience at least once.  She plays with total confidence.  “This way, Mom!” she shouts as she races through the maze, taking out big people left and right.  She’s so tiny that no one ever sees her coming until she lasers them and triumphantly calls out, “I got you!”  I am not kidding.  As we were taking off our vests when the game was over I overheard a scary-looking guy with a mohawk saying, “Man those kids were brutal.  I kept getting shot by a baby!”


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