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Staycation: Day Two April 2, 2013

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Some of you may have noticed that I’m just a tiny bit totally devastated about Daniel enrolling at the U.  I clearly did not do enough to indoctrinate him into loving all things that are BLUE, so I’ve decided to step up my brainwashing efforts with my younger children.  Therefore, we spent the afternoon at the Y.

We began by visiting the Heroes and Monsters exhibit at the art museum.  It was….interesting.  And violent.  And bloody.  But the children’s learning area was fun.

2e4b1023-3c67-459f-9c17-44c809bd88f1(Josh is posing as Supernerd)

Next, we checked out the bookstore.  No pictures.  I was too busy trying to keep Bizzie from destroying the place.

We moved on to the science building, where there are all kinds of awesome demonstrations to try out.

This one is my favorite.  Do you see how Josh is trying to grab the dollar in the box but totally missed it?  That’s because it isn’t really there.  Seriously.  The box and the dollar are an optical illusion.  Mucho cool.


The foucault pendulum is always a big hit.  I’ve always wondered what would happen if I were to grab the rope and swing it wildly in the opposite direction.  Do you think the earth would stop spinning?


Next stop:  The dinosaur museum.

This is the skull of a stegosaurus.  I am always amazed at how BIG the dinosaurs really were.


Watch out for enormous crocodiles!


Of course, when at BYU one MUST stop at the Creamery.  If I could only have one flavor of ice cream for the rest of my life, it would be Strawberry Sundae Crunch.  Amen.


Our last stop of the day was the turtle pond.  The ducks were very aggressive today.  Their March Madness brackets must not be doing well.


All in all, it was a good day.  The munchkins spent a fair amount of time feeling sorry for Daniel because he wasn’t going to be attending the One and Only True University.  I think my efforts are starting to pay off.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to paint all of the kids’ bedrooms blue and eradicate all traces of red from the house.  One can never be too careful…


One Response to “Staycation: Day Two”

  1. janae Says:

    I seriously want to cry for you. An apostate son. What could be worse?? 😦

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