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Staycation: Day Three April 3, 2013

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Today I escaped let the littles have a rest day at home while Sarah and I had lunch at our favorite restaurant.


On today’s plate:  Butter chicken and lamb curry.  Oh Kohinoor, how I love you!

Josh was with us, too, but he wouldn’t eat anything.  Don’t worry.  He packed a lunch and ate in the car.

But Jennifer, you are wondering, why would you take Joshua to an Indian restaurant if you knew he wouldn’t touch the food?

It’s because we had a special date to hike to the Y together!

For some people *cough cough me cough cough* the Y hike is not exactly spectacular.  But for asthmatic, hay-fever ridden Josh, reaching the top of the Y was akin to Frodo reaching the top of Mount Doom.

He insisted on getting a picture at the very top,


and in the middle,


and at the bottom.


By the way, stuffing oneself with an extraordinary amount of spicy food and then immediately hiking straight up a mountain is maybe something that I wouldn’t recommend.  Just in case you were wondering.



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