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Staycation: Day Five April 5, 2013

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Holy creativity, Batman!

Today we ventured up the canyon to Park City to see the Nathan Sawaya Lego exhibit, “The Art of the Brick.”  I saved this trip for Friday, so that Josh could look forward to it all week.


Josh and Jakob LOVED all of the Lego art, but do you see how Bizzie is a little bit wiggly in this picture?


She only lasted 30 seconds a few minutes before she started to get bored.

WP_000467A bored Bizzie is a naughty Bizzie.  She was breaking several different rules in the above picture.  Something needed to be done to remedy the situation, so I had her try to replicate some of the poses.

WP_000468Three year olds are so easy to fool please.

Having successfully survived the exhibit (I’m happy to say that no Legos were harmed in the writing of this blog), we moved on to our next stop:

The Olympic Museum


That’s right, over a decade just a few short years ago the Winter Olympics were held in my own backyard.  Since attending the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’ll bet you’re thinking that I went to every event I possibly could.  Right?

Wrong.  I was expecting Josh at the time.  I spent those glorious Olympic weeks lying in bed snuggled up next to a puke bucket, listening to the Olympics because if I attempted to open my eyes to watch, I threw up.

I haven’t quite forgiven Josh.  Or Todd, for that matter.


These are really two different museums here, and they are both fantastic.  The ski museum is totally hands on, which meant that Bizzie was actually entertained.


Meanwhile, Josh was learning how to ski like a pro.


Jakob thought the giant opening ceremony puppets were fascinating.

WP_000478I spent the whole day trying to get a decent picture of my three youngest together.


WP_000484I did not succeed.

By the way, in case you are wondering where Emma was, she begged out of this trip.  We had a mommy-daughter trip to these museums last summer.  I was actually able to enjoy the exhibits when I went with her.  😉


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