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Jakob Kissed a Camel and I Dressed a Belly Dancer April 20, 2013

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I am not even kidding.


This morning we woke up bright and early and headed up to exotic Lehi, Utah to attend a Bedouin festival.

First, we put on some Arabic nametags.  (I’m hoping we didn’t put them on upside down.)  Then we sampled some delicious food – the munchkins LOVED the falafel.

The littles participated in a camel race.


Jakob’s camel won.


We checked out Harry Potter in Arabic.  (Yup.  Josh is every bit as photogenic as I am.)


The kids each got a fancy henna tattoo.


And yes, we played with Cosmo the camel.


I know that camels have a reputation for being mean, but Cosmo was a sweetheart.  (Please ignore my hair.  It was very rainy and windy outside.)


Joshua didn’t seem to trust him, though.


I think the feeling was mutual.

Oh, and about that belly dancer – I happened to be in the restroom with Bizzie dressing room while she was getting ready for her performance, and she needed my help to fasten the buttons on the back of her sheer, tight, see-through, totally not family friendly beautiful dress.  Thank goodness for strategically placed sequins.


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