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In Which Jennifer Amuses a Store Full of Rednecks With Her Refusal to Acknowledge the Need for a Shopping Cart May 5, 2013

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Hey!  Remember when I said that I would be blogging “a picture a day” four times a week?  Let’s just forget I ever said that.  How about a nice little weekend update instead?

I really don’t remember what happened for most of the week, except that Joshua participated in his first ever track meet.  When I asked him how it went, he replied, “Awesome!  Me and friend played card games ALL DAY!”  When I asked about his actual race, he said, “Oh, I came in last.”  Apparently he gets his running skills from me.

Speaking of running, yesterday morning I went on a delightful nine mile run.  Oh, how I wish I was a better photographer and could show you pictures from my running trails.  I seriously think that I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Also, there is a cow that loves to cool off in a canal that I run along, and she always makes me laugh. 

Then we were off to a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the McShinsky’s backyard playground paradise.  Check out the giant Jenga game:


No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a pinata:



Of course, the grown-ups were only in it for the food.  I made these babies:


Sadly, they looked better than they tasted.  I cheated and used store-bought guacamole, and it. was. nasty.  I didn’t even know that it was possible for guacamole to be nasty.  Costco, you have finally let me down.

Once the festivities were over, it was time for yard work.  Yard work!

But first…

I had to make a quick trip to CAL Ranch to buy some new soaker hoses.  I love the CAL Ranch store even more than I love Maceys.  Even more than I love Costco.  Even more than I love Coldstone.  Wait a minute, let’s not get hasty here.  But seriously, it is the best store ever.  It’s the perfect mix of farm fashion, gardening supplies, cool camping stuff, and patio furniture.  Plus, everyone speaks in my native tongue – Utah hick drawl.  It reminds me of home.  Yesterday, I found a camp table that I have been searching for FOREVER.  I was so excited that I decided to grab it right then and there and carry it through the rest of the store with me.  (I hadn’t grabbed a cart, because I was only there for a few hoses, after all.)  Then, I found the exact hoses that I needed.  I perched them on top of the table.  Next, I saw some onion starts.  On top of the stack they went.  From there, I proceeded to the most important part of the store – the baby chick aisle.


Aren’t they adorable?  Todd is lucky that I already had my hands full, because I was soooooo tempted to buy some new babies to bring home.  They also had dozens of fluffy baby bunnies.  Again, I resisted.

After a delightful somewhat satisfying dinner of leftovers, I headed out to spend some quality time in my garden.  And then boy howdy did I miss my old chickens.  Weeding a garden just isn’t the same when you don’t have a sweet black chicken sitting in your lap, eagerly waiting for you to dig up some delicious grubs.  I was *thisclose* to running back to CAL Ranch for an emergency baby chick trip.

That brings us to today – Cinco de Mayo.

I planned a very special dinner using this video as inspiration.  Here is Sarah’s version:

WP_000656The hexaflexatilla


The first layer of spreadable goodness


Spreadable goodness flipped safely inside


And the finished product – yum!


Bizzie opted for a simple flexahexaquesadilla


And of course, no Cinco de Mayo feast is complete without dessert

Did you notice the delicious creamy tomatillo salad dressing on Sarah’s masterpiece?  I’m not gonna lie.  I picked it up at Cafe Rio.  Some people make their own copycat recipes like chumps, but I like to go straight for the real thing.  Also, I am lazy.

Tom Marvolo has been lonely lately, so Sarah brought him over for a visit.


And finally, we went to a fun little farm to play with some cute animals.


This llama HATED Sarah.


See ya next weekend!


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