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Oh May, You Always Get the Best of Me May 28, 2013

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Every year at this time, you can find me doing a happy dance.  This is largely because once again, I somehow managed to survive the month of May.

Here’s a super quick recap:

I spent four weeks subbing in the cutest class ever.  The good news – this age group has a focus on outdoor education, which meant that I got paid to go camping.  The bad news – they also focus on the arts, which meant that I had to teach dance.  When it comes to anything requiring rhythm and skill, I am so, soooooo white.

Here are a few pictures from one of our field trips (I can actually post them, since no faces are showing):

WP_000714Bird watching

WP_000715I’ve been spotted!

WP_000717We had just finished reading Holes, and the kids were super excited when they found wild onions to eat.

Speaking of school, Daniel graduated again.

WP_000727And again.WP_000783He attended a small high school with an academic focus, so as every graduate walked onto the stage, his/her scholarships and educational aspirations were announced.  You can imagine our surprise when Daniel’s turn came and his principal proudly proclaimed to the world that Daniel would be studying dentistry at Westminster.  Oops.  Although for one brief, shining moment, I thought that Daniel’s decision to attend the U really was just a bad dream…

Moving on to GOOD universities, BYU held a fan fest just a few short blocks from our house.

Bizzie slid…

WP_000746Jakob flirted…

WP_000763And Josh got a super cool football signed by all of his heroes, including none other than the great Bronco Mendenhall.  (I am trying not to focus on the fact that I miss LaVell Edwards desperately.)

WP_000762Yep, they make those uniforms look good.

WP_000765We also endured enjoyed another Pinewood Derby.


Why yes, that is a cute pink princess.  Don’t judge.

Joshua chose to break with tradition and turned his block of wood into a skateboard.  And not just any old fancy-schmansy skateboard, but the old, beat up, ugly skateboard that we have hiding in our garage.  Sigh…

WP_000708Yes, we have in fact cut Josh’s hair since this picture was taken.  Again, don’t judge.

And now that I’ve successfully established a judgement free zone on my blog, I’ll make a small confession.


I almost forgot Bizzie’s birthday.

Not even kidding.  As I was putting the munchkins to bed on a Saturday night, the horrible realization hit me that Biz’s birthday was the next day, and I was completely UNPREPARED.

Luckily, the blonde little thing still has no concept of dates, so we just bumped her birthday to Monday, instead.

She chose to have dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese.

WP_000731Sometimes the games require a little bit of cheating teamwork. 

WP_000745You’ll never believe this, but this cake was actually…wait for it…YUMMY!

School FINALLY ended on Friday.  What better way to celebrate than a full moon lift ride at Sundance?

WP_000802We Jameses take our pictures very seriously.

WP_000804The girls were in the car in front of us, thus making it possible for them to turn around and mock me every time the lift stopped.  Ski lifts are almost as terrifying as ferris wheels.

Josh and Jakester rode with me.  This cute happy face made all the terror worth it.

WP_000807*A quick note about the lift ride.  You’ll notice that it isn’t very dark in these pictures.  I like to time it so that we start up the mountain while the sun is just beginning to set.  That way, we can see the gorgeous mountain (and deer, and wild turkeys) on our way up, and we hit the top of the mountain just as the moon is rising, which is mucho cool.  The lift ride takes about fifty minutes, so it’s completely dark on our way back down the mountain.  It works out perfectly!

Now that school is out, you may be wondering what I’ll be doing with all of my extra time.

I’m wondering the same thing.


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