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Apparently I Should Have Just Hit the Hornet October 27, 2013

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Did I say that I was going to do bi-weekly posts?  I meant weekly.  My bad.

Remember how a few months ago the girls and I went on a zipline?  This week, it was the boys’ turn.  (Except for Daniel.  He doesn’t believe in having fun.)

We arrived at the gear up station (no idea what it’s actually called) a few minutes late, thanks to a wrong turn taken by the driver.  (The driver is blaming it on taking too much cold medicine in a futile effort to avoid hacking up a lung mid-zipline.)  (And yes, I am the driver.  This is why I should totally be on the Amazing Race – I am constantly getting lost.  It would make for very entertaining tv.)

Jakester was SUPER excited.  He grinned ear to ear the whole time he was putting his harness on.  I took the obligatory pre-zipline picture of the boys and then…


Joshua said something was poking him under his chin strap.  I checked it out, and much to Josh’s dismay, it was a hornet.  A very calm hornet.  A hornet that was not about to move off of the warm softness of Josh’s throat.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to hit it and risk it stinging Josh, so I did what any good mom would do and took some pictures instead.


It was only after taking a dozen pics or so that I realized it had already stung poor Josh.  So I did what any good mom would do and smacked the hornet (and Josh) as hard as I could with my glove.  The hornet flew off angrily and Josh…

…well, Josh wasn’t too happy with me.

Now that the hornet was taken care of, it was time to load up in the giant van that takes tour groups to the top of the mountain.  The last time I went ziplining, I was in a middle seat on the passenger side of the van, so I just assumed that we were on a safe little mountain road.  This time, I could see exactly what we were driving on.  Holy dangerous narrow high up road, Batman!  Now that I’ve seen the “road,” I seriously think the drive up is the most dangerous part of the whole ziplining experience.  Yikes!

We were miraculously able to reach our destination without further mishap, and then the zipping began.  The boys took to it like pros, although it was quite comical to watch the tour guides trying to attach tiny little Jakester to the lines.  I tried to get some action shots, but this is the best I could do:



WP_001302Oops – stopped too soon.

There was a small incident on the third line where the tour guide on the receiving end of the line accidentally threw Jakob’s brake out onto the line instead of the emergency brake, and as he was desperately trying to bring it back in nearly had a collision with Josh, who had been sent down after we mistook the guide’s frantic waving for the “all clear” signal.  I’m told it was kind of hilarious, but unfortunately I hadn’t gone down the line yet and didn’t get to see it.

Here the munchkins are on the last line.



All done!  We can’t wait to go again next year!

WP_001305Hmmm…maybe I should have adjusted his helmet.



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