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Adventures in Modern Day Motherhood

About Us May 27, 2008


Todd is a software developer and self-proclaimed computer geek. In addition to his “official” job, he is also the CTO of, a side job which pays out at the astounding rate of $0.25 per hour. In his spare time, he enjoys playing on his computer, playing on his X-box 360, or playing on Daniel’s Wii. His wife thinks that he should expand his horizons and get some new, non-computer related hobbies. She is also quite certain that he will force her to edit this page, should he ever choose to read it.

Jennifer is a mostly stay at home, thirty-something mother of almost six.  While she used to be a reasonably intelligent person, she seems to have lost some all-important brain cells in the course of giving birth to and raising her beautiful kiddos. In her spare time (hah!), she enjoys reading, reality tv (hanging her head in shame now), gardening, camping, and hiking.

Sarah is a  sixteen year old GIRL, complete with eye-rolling, giggling, and boy-related angst. Her hobbies include texting, dancing, texting, and finding new and inventive ways to avoid contact with her younger siblings. She is also an honors student, and can be a joy to have around the house when she wants something from her parents.

Daniel is  fourteen going on seventy. He is responsible, practical, conscientious, and has a great sense of humor. Whew! He is also an honors student and self-proclaimed computer geek and can often be seen wandering the halls of the Jr. High with his HTML textbook in hand.  He is also on the Jr. High tennis team, enjoys soccer, plays the piano, and has been selected as 1st trombone in the school Jazz band.

Emma (aka Noodle) is an adventurous ten year old. She is a budding violinist who enjoys snow sports, soccer, and playing with her pet chickens (Rowena, Helga, and Albus – she’s also a big Harry Patter fan).  She is the family space cadet and spends lots of time in “Emmaland.”  She is a terrific big sister, and is also very good at disappearing whenever there is work to be done.

Joshua is a mischievous six year old who is looking forward to playing spring soccer.  He enjoys making “bunny ears” in pictures, building bionicles, messing up his bedroom, catching bugs, and playing all kinds of superhero games with his friends.

Jakob is our two year old family diva. He enjoys tormenting his sisters, tormenting his brothers, tormenting the kitty, and being the center of attention.  He is also very athletic (for a two year old) and gives the world’s best hugs and sticky kisses!


5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Jodi Pritikin Says:

    Ok Jennifer, this is totally cool. You talk like me… you think like me!!!! Unfortunately I DO NOT look like you. I could be a cousin??? I’m going to Disneyland and found your trip report…thanks… and just have a feeling like we’re friends in some other reality. Your site is beautiful. I want to start writing and you’ve inspired me to just do it already. I homeschool my two kids and have been married for 23 years …I think. I have also lost my mind being a mommy. I know you haven’t “asked” for new friends but I just wanted to say how fun it was to read your posts and that I look forward to reading more. Enjoy #6 she’s beautiful. I’m pulling for you to kick the bean bag to the curb.

    • mommyoffive Says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I could always use a new friend (or cousin), especially someone who understands the way I think. 😉 Have a great time in Disneyland!

  2. We just started a new blog: where we post funny pictures we find on Mommy Blogs for all moms to get a giggle out of 

    I figure since your blog is full of humor you might have some funny pictures that we could post on our blog.

    If we do post one of your pictures, we will put your blog’s button or url in the post with your picture so you would get the credit – and some new mommy followers!

    Hopefully you have a great picture to share with us!

    Heather Matthews & Heidi Werry

  3. Laurie Says:

    I found your blog when looking for ideas about going to Mount Rushmore. Loved your help! My last name is James too. Wonder if we are related? Joseph James from England in the 1800s?

  4. Man…. someone’s behind on the times. Feel free to remove this comment when I am no longer a sixteen-year-old brat. 😉 But really, the person you’ve described is an alien to me.

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