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Let Freedom Ring! July 8, 2008

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Whew! The festivities are finally over!

We had a great extended 4th of July weekend. Todd is one of those rare individuals who actually keeps in touch with all of his high school friends. Every year we get together with them to celebrate New Year’s and Independence Day. It’s always a blast to see everyone’s kids and catch up on all of the gossip. After we had a YUMMY dinner, thanks in large part to the Burtons’ incredible smoker, we watched the Layton fireworks show. Scott J. introduced us to a new and improved concept in fireworks viewing – polarized glasses. We must get some of our own before the 24th!

Todd’s brother and his family came down for a barbeque on Sunday. Again, it was fun to do some catching up with them! We’re trying to figure out how everyone’s kids got so old. We aren’t getting any older, are we?

We finally got to light our own fireworks tonight. But first, we made some of Sarah’s friends endure family home evening with us. Mwah hah hah hah hah hah! Then we headed out to the sidewalk for some quality sparkler time. Even little Jakob got in on the action.

Joshua thought the “screamers” were too loud.

Emma just danced the night away.

I’m reading 1776 in honor of the 4th. I’ve seen the play many times, but I’ve never read the book. It’s a great read so far!

In other patriotic news, I’ve been promoted in the congressional campaign. I’m now the official parade coordinator (We’re gonna win the seat one parade at a time! 😉 ), and the legislative chair over my city. My whole entire city. I’m really glad I don’t live in New York right now.  (The city, not the state.  Although that, too.)

Happy Fourth, everyone!


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